Hipstamatic – It’s my new compact camera

Hipstamatic has been on my iPhone for quite a long time. I hadn’t realised it until recently that i’ve started to favour the square format in my photography. Partly from my love of Instagram.

I thought it was time to download a few of the lens and film packs and give Hipstamatic another go. Shake to random gets the most use, this selects any combination of film and lens, you take a photo and wait for the results, unknown of what combination has been picked and what your image will finish up looking like. Like being back in the film days without knowing what film is loaded into your camera.

3 thoughts on “Hipstamatic – It’s my new compact camera”

  1. Hipstamatic is a great camera app. I used the random feature from time to time but I also have a few favorite lens and film combinations that I always go back to.

    Out of curiosity, what is the film and lens combo for the first image? Great color for street photography.

  2. Part of the fun of random is not knowing what the photo will look like. The frustrating bit is now i have cleared the print section of the app I don’t know what combination it was – sorry I can’t help. I will have a play with some combinations a try to find out.

  3. Paul, after having a play with different combinations I looked back thru my aperture library and discovered the original image which meant it wasn’t taken in hipstamatic. Edit process was, created in Camera+ and given the black and filter, then loaded into Instagram and the Earlybird filter with border.

    If you want to create images using the Instagram filters but not post to instagram you can turn your phone into Airplane mode. Create your photos in Instagram, the upload will fail, then delete photo in instagram. Open your camera roll and the photo has been saved. Then turn Airplane mode off.

    Apologies for the mistake, cheers Greg.

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