Instagram filters without sharing

A previous post about Hipstamatic and a comment from a reader got me searching the photo archives trying to reproduce a certain style of photo. This led me to playing with Instagram but not wanting to share the photos. Here is how it can be done. (on an iPhone) – other phones I assume would be similar.

Firstly you need to open the Settings screen and turn the phone into Airplane Mode, this disables all communication from the phone to the internet.

Load any photo you want to “filter” into Instagram, select the filter you want and click the Green tick, on the screen at the bottom.

On the next screen where you normally enter your comment and #hashtags, leave it blank and click share.

The upload will fail to post to Instagram because your in Airplane Mode.

Now you need to click the “X” to  to cancel the upload. Instagram will still have saved the image to your camera roll. The only thing left to do is turn Airplane Mode off and have your phone back to normal.

The photo is now in your camera roll for you to share as you wish. Hopefully this has helped anyone who wants to edit with Instagram but not share the photos.

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