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DJI Phantom Vision 2 Plus First Flight

After a charge of the batteries and a quick read of the manual it was time for the first flight. Sunny with zero wind were perfect conditions and all went smoothly.

Lake Macquarie from the Air from Greg Mulvaney on Vimeo.


Some of the photos are a bit soft in the left top corner straight out of the camera. Also after taking a photo in “RAW” format there is a considerable delay on the screen of the smartphone.

Overall very happy so far and just need more stick time and practice to get better at flying.

Olympus 15mm Body Cap Lens

This new lens arrived today, first impression, it looks like a cap to protect the camera when no lens is connected. First photo was of sunset today using the “Pinhole” Art effect on the OMD E-5. Settings – JPEG S.O.O.C.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe lens came as a free gift when I bought the OMD camera, it also came with a cloth that wraps around the camera and a leather strap. To claim I emailed my receipt to Olympus and a few weeks later it arrived.

Love it when you get a nice surprise after buying a new camera. Looking forward to having a play with the new lens/body cap over the coming weeks.


Inspired by Andy Biggs and “Photograph” Magazine

I’ve just been reading thru the 2nd edition of  “Photograph“, a quarterly magazine which can be downloaded as a pdf from Craft & Vision.

Africa 13

The portfolio of Andy Biggs got me inspired to to look thru some old photos from a trip to Africa in 2006.

Andy has edited his wildlife photos to all be black and white, I had never thought to process my Africa photos in this way, below is the result of my re-process of a few Kenya, Tanzania and Ugandan photos from a safari I did in 2006.

Africa 2

Africa 1

Africa 3

Africa 4

Africa 5

Africa 6

Africa 7

Africa 8

Africa 9

Africa 10

Africa 11

Africa 12

Africa 14

Africa 15

Africa 16

Africa 17

Sailing photos from a different angle

2012-13 Cherub National Championship, Belmont Bay, Lake Macquarie

Not everyone can spend the money on a helicopter to achieve aerial sailing photos. I needed an alternative for a regatta that was happening in my local area, so the idea came to climb the mast of a yacht and spend the day up the mast to achieve a different angle for sailing photos. Not quite looking straight down like you could in a helicopter but enough that the photos don’t show the background on a tight photo of a boat.

2012-13 Cherub National Championship, Belmont Bay, Lake Macquarie

The event was the 2012/2013 Cherub National Titles held on Lake Macquarie, hosted by the Belmont 16ft Skiff Club.

This is the view from a GoPro camera mounted on my head while i’m shooting the event.

GoPro Sailing photo

It was quite a challenging angle to shoot from, the yacht was motoring but the waves still made the boat move around quite a bit, this movement gets exaggerated the further up the mast you get so I needed to hang on and was using my legs to wrap around the spare halyards (ropes) to try and steady myself.

2012-13 Cherub National Championship, Belmont Bay, Lake Macquarie

Camera settings were very similar to shooting from a boat, high shutter speed in the range on 1/2500 second to stop the action and keep the images sharp from me moving around.

2012-13 Cherub National Championship, Belmont Bay, Lake Macquarie

Overall I am happy with the results from the DSLR. It achieved a different angle that made the boats stand out instead of being lost in the background when shooting from water level. Next I just need to keep the GoPro clean so the images are not hazy.

2012-13 Cherub National Championship, Belmont Bay, Lake Macquarie