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Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

With strong leading lines from the jetty (near) to the sailing boats in the distance (far). Captured on an iPhone and processed with Camera+


Summer Sailing Photos on Lake Macquarie

Summer sailing has started again with 2 races completed. I’ve taken photos using a mixture of cameras, everything from a from a GoPro, iPhone and a Canon DSLR. Results below with many more sailing photos to come for this years summer photo project.


Instagram Round-up

I recently began posting non-iPhone photos to my Instagram feed

These have mainly been taken with a Canon DSLR, most of the photos would have been impossible to take using an iPhone, fast shutter speeds, compressed perspective with a long lens.

Greg Mulvaney on Instagram

Screen grab from my last 16 images posted to Instagram. The top 10 were with a DSLR.

I’m still not certain it is the correct thing to do or whether it should be iPhone only. Its a great service to get your photos out there, sharing and commenting in the social way.

What does everyone think – iPhone only or any photo you have taken?


Instagram – mobile photography or all photography sharing

The debate at the moment is should I use Instagram for sharing only photos taken with a mobile device, which for me is an iPhone. Or should it simply be a sharing app for sharing all things photography, in which case I will start sharing my sporting images that were taken using a DSLR.

Decision made – to share from any camera, Instagram will be my primary photo sharing facility. instead of photos sitting on my hard drive they will at least see daylight. The great thing about instagram is the image size that is shared, very small and cannot be used to print very big. In terms of copyright I believe this to be win/win. Sharing photos while still retaining original full size images. So over the next few weeks I will start to post from the sporting archive. If your interested, load up the instagram app and search for “gregm”  Or to visit using a webpage use Webstagram

Hipstamatic – It’s my new compact camera

Hipstamatic has been on my iPhone for quite a long time. I hadn’t realised it until recently that i’ve started to favour the square format in my photography. Partly from my love of Instagram.

I thought it was time to download a few of the lens and film packs and give Hipstamatic another go. Shake to random gets the most use, this selects any combination of film and lens, you take a photo and wait for the results, unknown of what combination has been picked and what your image will finish up looking like. Like being back in the film days without knowing what film is loaded into your camera.