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Instagram Round-up

I recently began posting non-iPhone photos to my Instagram feed

These have mainly been taken with a Canon DSLR, most of the photos would have been impossible to take using an iPhone, fast shutter speeds, compressed perspective with a long lens.

Greg Mulvaney on Instagram

Screen grab from my last 16 images posted to Instagram. The top 10 were with a DSLR.

I’m still not certain it is the correct thing to do or whether it should be iPhone only. Its a great service to get your photos out there, sharing and commenting in the social way.

What does everyone think – iPhone only or any photo you have taken?


Alternate Photography Workshop by Matthew Kovacs

Matthew Kovacs recently held a workshop on alternate photography at Paula Birchs’ studio called Strip of a lifetime.

Various analog styles were discussed with Matthew holding portrait sessions using the Wet plate colloidal style of image making. We also made film pin hole cameras using a matchbox, tape and cardboard.

The workshop made me think a lot about film and alternate photography. Some of the concepts of going back to film I like, slowing down, thinking about your image, composing – not the spray and pray style of digital.  At the moment I don’t believe analog/film photography is practical for me. I think I will stick to digital but with more thought and time taken to produce images.  The plan will also be to make a pinhole lens cap for my DSLR or possibly even purchase a Pinwide for my m 4/3 camera.

The shop called Strip of a Life time is run by Paula Birch, the shop came about by the Renew Newcastle project.