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Review of being disconnected – Life without the internet

The biggest question is did I make the week being disconnected. The short answer is no. I managed to get thru 4 days without checking emails or viewing any webpages. The long answer is I found what I was looking for – reducing my time online.

Why didn’t I make it.

I came down with a cold on day 5 so I sat on the lounge resting and started to use the iPad. Partly out of resting and not feeling like doing much else so I resorted to using the internet.

What did I miss while being disconnected?

We had some bad weather and I wanted to check the radar for how much rain was about and also check a few of the automatic weather stations to see how windy it was.

I also missed following a few photographers who I find inspiring or enjoy reading their blogs, also missing a few apps that were free for a few days only.  Nothing life shattering was missed.

What did I learn

Life goes on with or without the internet. Being a photographer (hobby) one of the biggest things I missed was sharing photos and also viewing other photos, Instagram has become a fairly large part of my online photo sharing life and i’m enjoying the community that comments and likes photos.   I have now streamlined my RSS feed to cut out most of the gossip and rumour sites.

Online now is in 3 places for me. Here on the wordpress site for larger articles/writing and bigger photo projects. Tumblr for every day photos which is mainly my Instagram feed with a few extras. And Instagram, my iPhone and other camera sharing site. This should simplify life a little which will see my pursuing more photo projects over the coming southern hemisphere summer. The largest project is about to start which is to photograph the summer sailing season on Lake Macquarie while sailing on a yacht. Bring on summer and life of being “connected” most but not all of the time.

What did I do while not online

Played with my kids more, did a few jobs around the house, read more physical books and even read a few ebooks while the iPad was in airplane mode

Will I do it again

If life seems like its slipping past I would do it again, but at the moment its under control with my mind more focused on photography and my family, good times ahead.