Cherub Nationals 2012 – Day 3


Day 3 of the 2012 Cherub National titles saw a very good NE sea breeze blowing across Belmont Bay on Lake Macquarie. Todays images below.


On a side note : To the official from the host club – Thanks for telling us what you think (hold back on the language next time) and threats to ban us from the course…. stop power tripping, look behind you and get out of the way of the boats.Cherub Nationals 2012 1

Cherub Nationals 2012 2

Cherub Nationals 2012 3

Cherub Nationals 2012 4 Cherub Nationals 2012 5

Cherub Nationals 2012 6

Cherub Nationals 2012 7

Cherub Nationals 2012 8

Cherub Nationals 2012 9

Sunrise – a nice time to ponder

A good time to think…

Have been doing some thinking about photography and gear recently. The large DSLR (Canon 7D) has been collecting dust a little bit lately, the iPhone has been the go to camera but I have managed to use my old micro 4/3 camera (Panasonic GF1) a little bit lately and have been enjoying the shallow focus that is possible with the 20mm f1.7 pancake lens. The movie mode on this camera has been especially fun with the defocus slider control. So much so that i’ve ordered the Panasonic GX1 (it’s been discounted lately).  Should arrive in the next few days so will do a mini review soon.

It seems like my photography is falling into three categories – iPhone for everyday shooting, Micro 4/3 for portraits and photography that has a bit more “thought” behind it, and the DSLR for the sporting events.

Photography of the world as I see it