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Inspired by Andy Biggs and “Photograph” Magazine

I’ve just been reading thru the 2nd edition of ¬†“Photograph“, a quarterly magazine which can be downloaded as a pdf from Craft & Vision.

Africa 13

The portfolio of Andy Biggs got me inspired to to look thru some old photos from a trip to Africa in 2006.

Andy has edited his wildlife photos to all be black and white, I had never thought to process my Africa photos in this way, below is the result of my re-process of a few Kenya, Tanzania and Ugandan photos from a safari I did in 2006.

Africa 2

Africa 1

Africa 3

Africa 4

Africa 5

Africa 6

Africa 7

Africa 8

Africa 9

Africa 10

Africa 11

Africa 12

Africa 14

Africa 15

Africa 16

Africa 17