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Summer Sailing Photos on Lake Macquarie

Summer sailing has started again with 2 races completed. I’ve taken photos using a mixture of cameras, everything from a from a GoPro, iPhone and a Canon DSLR. Results below with many more sailing photos to come for this years summer photo project.


Inside a GoPro Camera

My old GoPro Hero camera had decided it didn’t want to take any more photos. Its the older model with AAA batteries and low resolution, its not good for much now so I pulled it apart to see the insides.

Very interesting to the sensor and how it sits with the lens. Also of interest were the buttons and how they achieve water tightness thru a little o-ring. 60m from one little o-ring is impressive.

GoPro Camera + KAP + Sailing – Doesn’t always work

Launch Zone

The idea was to launch a GoPro camera on a KAP rig (or do some Kite Aerial Photography), and shoot some sailing photos from the air. The day started good with a nice constant seabreeze, unfortunately the breeze eased as the day went on and there wasn’t enough for the size of the kite I had. A few times the kite was lucky to stay above the water.  A good practice day with plans to take photos of the 16ft skiffs on a windy sunday soon.

The only photo with a boat in the picture, hopefully next time with more wind and getting the camera higher will yield more usable photos.

Packing up the kite and camera, this was the last photo before the camera got turned off.