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Hipstamatic – It’s my new compact camera

Hipstamatic has been on my iPhone for quite a long time. I hadn’t realised it until recently that i’ve started to favour the square format in my photography. Partly from my love of Instagram.

I thought it was time to download a few of the lens and film packs and give Hipstamatic another go. Shake to random gets the most use, this selects any combination of film and lens, you take a photo and wait for the results, unknown of what combination has been picked and what your image will finish up looking like. Like being back in the film days without knowing what film is loaded into your camera.

Where is Mobile photography heading

Is the photography that is classified as “mobile photography” heading to the top of the popular list regarding photography. Is it and should be described differently than any other photography taken by any other means. I believe all photography gets put into categories, be it by colour or black and white, film types, cameras, photoshopped, HDR, iphoneography, mobile photography, pinhole, the list goes on.

What is with mobile photography that has caused the huge increase? Two reasons, the first being the physical (size). iPhone and now Android phones including cameras that the user can actually use to produce a decent photo (with or without apping). And the second being the cliche of always having a device with you.

But what is it we crave in mobile photography?

For me its craving to have a camera, always accessible, with a lens from fisheye thru to telephoto and small enough to fit into your pocket. Some of this is possible with add on lens for camera phones, and the ability to edit and share directly from the device.  Are these cravings the exact opposite of what mobile photography is about – simplicity. Even though we have these cravings is it the simplicity of having a device with a fixed focal length that makes mobile photography so popular. We are given less choice, open app to take the photo, and press the shutter to take the photo. Simple.

Apping complicates the process.

Does using apps to help you take the photo take away some of this simplicity. Opening an app and selecting focus points and exposure points, seeing live previews on screen of what the final image will look like.  Hipstamatics popularity might also come from its simplicity, especially if you use the shake to select a random effect, this leaves you with no idea of the effect that will process your image, a slight kickback to the days of film.

Which leaves the final question. Will the over saturated over processed, old school style image be a fad. Will it stay popular or will another photography style from another era become more popular (personally I love the Tine type portrait look). Time will tell.