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Sailing photos from a different angle

2012-13 Cherub National Championship, Belmont Bay, Lake Macquarie

Not everyone can spend the money on a helicopter to achieve aerial sailing photos. I needed an alternative for a regatta that was happening in my local area, so the idea came to climb the mast of a yacht and spend the day up the mast to achieve a different angle for sailing photos. Not quite looking straight down like you could in a helicopter but enough that the photos don’t show the background on a tight photo of a boat.

2012-13 Cherub National Championship, Belmont Bay, Lake Macquarie

The event was the 2012/2013 Cherub National Titles held on Lake Macquarie, hosted by the Belmont 16ft Skiff Club.

This is the view from a GoPro camera mounted on my head while i’m shooting the event.

GoPro Sailing photo

It was quite a challenging angle to shoot from, the yacht was motoring but the waves still made the boat move around quite a bit, this movement gets exaggerated the further up the mast you get so I needed to hang on and was using my legs to wrap around the spare halyards (ropes) to try and steady myself.

2012-13 Cherub National Championship, Belmont Bay, Lake Macquarie

Camera settings were very similar to shooting from a boat, high shutter speed in the range on 1/2500 second to stop the action and keep the images sharp from me moving around.

2012-13 Cherub National Championship, Belmont Bay, Lake Macquarie

Overall I am happy with the results from the DSLR. It achieved a different angle that made the boats stand out instead of being lost in the background when shooting from water level. Next I just need to keep the GoPro clean so the images are not hazy.

2012-13 Cherub National Championship, Belmont Bay, Lake Macquarie

We made it!! Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

The Bucket List just got an item ticked, we came 59th on Line Honours. The goal for me was to finish so i’m extremely happy. Even thinking of doing again. The iphone came thru with the goods, enclosed in the lifeproof case.

Edited video of the trip south is coming soon. Below is what was captured, edited and sent from the iphone 1 hour into the race (it took us 4 1/2 days to reach Hobart).  The iPhone proved itself to be a solid capture device, more than capable of editing photos and video, transmit device thru the wordpress app and using Google earth a good way to track the other yachts.

Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race with an iPhone

Starting Dec 26, I will be sailing in the 67th Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. The plan to is capture, edit and upload images and videos from an iPhone 4S in a Lifeproof iPhone Case. The images and video will appear on the Menace Website. At some stages we will be out of normal mobile phone range of the iPhone, so we have a bigger aerial connected to the boat, a modem to create a wi-fi access point to enable us to transit for longer. Heading across Bass Straight we will have no coverage but once we get near the Tasmanian coast I should be able to send more images.  Using only the iPhone will create a few challenges but its all part of the fun.


Disclaimer 1 – I will also be using a GoPro camera but these images will be used later.

Disclaimer 2 – This is a personal challenge, I have received no money from Rolex, Apple, Lifeproof or Gopro  (If they want to pay, please contact me), 🙂