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Windsurfing and Instagram

Can you use a smartphone to get windsurfing photos – the answer is yes. The photos may produce what you can with a DSLR but if you happen to at the beach with your family and people are windsurfing, why not use you smartphone to grab a few photos.

Windsurfing at the Beach


Instagram – mobile photography or all photography sharing

The debate at the moment is should I use Instagram for sharing only photos taken with a mobile device, which for me is an iPhone. Or should it simply be a sharing app for sharing all things photography, in which case I will start sharing my sporting images that were taken using a DSLR.

Decision made – to share from any camera, Instagram will be my primary photo sharing facility. instead of photos sitting on my hard drive they will at least see daylight. The great thing about instagram is the image size that is shared, very small and cannot be used to print very big. In terms of copyright I believe this to be win/win. Sharing photos while still retaining original full size images. So over the next few weeks I will start to post from the sporting archive. If your interested, load up the instagram app and search for “gregm”  Or to visit using a webpage use Webstagram